Cat Boarding Facilities

Cat BoardingWe have 36 kitty condos, which provide your cat with a spacious suite when you are away. The condos are 28" by 26" by 30" high, and have a raised ledge for lounging on. If your demanding feline prefers more space, or if you're housing him with a companion, you can rent two adjacent condos for the ultimate in kitty comfort.

During your cat's stay, our trained veterinary assistants and technicians monitor your cat's appetite and attitude and notify a doctor if there are any problems. For your convenience, we're happy to perform other procedures while you're away. Please let us know if your cat needs a physical examination, vaccination update, dental care, grooming, or nail trim.

Rest assured that if your pet needs medication while staying in the Catnip Suites, our trained veterinary technicians can give oral medications, subcutaneous fluids, and insulin injections for a nominal additional fee. For the health of other boarders, we do reserve this service for "well" cats, and require hospital care under doctor supervision for sick cats.

Please take the time to read our Boarding Policy prior to making arrangements for your cat's stay.

For immediate assistance call 253-874-2012