Cat Forms

Here are some forms that will come in handy when you visit us. We hope they'll save you time by allowing you to download, print, and fill them out before your visit. You can submit the forms online or save them to your computer for later reference and printing.

New Client Form
New Client Form is for giving us information about you, if you're a new client.

New Patient Form
New Patient Form is for giving us information about your cat, if you're a new client.

Drop-Off Admission Form
Drop-off form for supplying us with information about your cat's condition when using our early morning drop-off service.

Inappropriate Elimination Questionnaire
Inappropriate elimination questionnaire for those pursuing this problem with a doctor. Please take the time to answer these questions completely before arriving at your appointment.

Boarding Agreement Form
Boarding Agreement Form for details about your cat's food, medications, etc while staying at The Catnip Suites.

Boarding Medications Form
Provide current medical conditions and medications.

Anesthesia/Surgery Consent Form
Your cat is scheduled for surgery or procedure that requires general anesthesia.

Diabetic Patient Information Form
Provide diabetic patient information.

For immediate assistance call 253-874-2012