Cat Care Supplies & Toys

We carry a large variety of premium grain-free diets in both canned and dry formulas.  High in protein and lower in carbs, these diets are created to mimic what your cat would eat in the wild, and they also help to keep off extra weight. We are proud to carry WELLNESS, EVO,  FUSSIE CAT, AND TIKI CAT premium diets which are made with human-grade ingredients.

We also offer a variety of prescription diets formulated to meet dietary needs of cats with medical issues such as diabetes, urinary tract disease, food allergies, kidney problems, and help with weight management.

In our retail area you may purchase cat care products, such as nail trimmers, hair ball remedies, dental home-care products, cat collars, and fun toys. We also carry special "treats" such as catnip and bonito (tuna) flakes.

For exceptional flea control you may purchase over-the-counter Advantage and Revolution spot-on products, and environmental flea-treatment products.

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