Feline Staff

Mouzer, Boarding Meal Prep Quality Control

Mouzer became our clinic cat in 2015.  He is a very sweet boy and oversees all the meal preparation in The Catnip Suites.  He is on some long term medications and prescription food for lower urinary tract disease.  

Marmalade , Public Relations Director


Marmalade is Dr. Rosie's cat, (so quit asking if you can adopt him).  He used to live with her but wouldn't stop terrorizing her other cats so he became her coworker.  Marmalade excels at client relations and loves everyone.  He might even give you a private viewing of his amazing tummy.  Unless he is napping, in which case, you'll have to come back later.  Marmalade is quite serious about naps.

For immediate assistance call 253-874-2012