Feline Staff


Simba came to us in 2007 after being hit by a car, and suffering a fractured eye socket and broken jaw.
The most common question asked about Simba is "does he have a glass eye?"
 The answer is no, that is his real eye.  Nerve damage from his car accident has caused loss of function in that eye.

Simba's favorite activities include sleeping on his cat tree, supervising the reception desk, and mooching treats from the staff.



Tess is our resident grouch.

She came to us after her owner was unable to care for her after an illness. At 16 years old, Tess still enjoys an occasional roll in catnip or a nap in the sun. If you are lucky enough to meet Tess while she is visiting the reception area, do not be alarmed by her loud greeting. She is very hard of hearing.



Isabeau has been with us since 2009.

She enjoys being the "quality assurance controller" for all food and treats. She also makes a superior napping buddy, whether you want one or not.

For immediate assistance call 253-874-2012