Cat Doctor Veterinary Center Library

Please help yourself to the information in our library. The publications are in pdf format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 5.0 or higher, to view and print. If you don't have it on your computer, Acrobat Reader is free, and available by clicking here. If you have other questions or if your cat needs medical attention, please give us a call at (253) 874-2012.

The information here is provided as a service to our clients and should not be used to make a medical diagnosis. The Cat Doctor Veterinary Center is not responsible for the use of this information without the service of a veterinarian.

Feline Dental Disease Handout
An overview of the causes, prevention, and treatment of feline dental disease.

Hyperthyroidism in Cats
Information on this disease.

Preventative Care For a Healthy Cat
A quick start guide for a healthy new cat.

Senior Cat Health Care Program
A description of our program for maintaining the health of your older cat.

Chronic Kidney Disease
is a guide to the treatment options for this disease.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
A description of this disease.

Diabetes Mellitus
A description the disease, causes, warning signs and diagnosis, and treatment options.

Feline Asthma
Diagnosis and treatment options for this disease.

Inhalation Therapy for Treatment of Feline Asthma
A description of this treatment.

Heart Murmurs in Cats
Causes, diagnosis, and outlook for cats with these symptoms.

Weight Management and Your Cat
Assessing obesity in cats, along with suggestions for managing your feline's weight problem.

Weight Loss Journal
Use this form to record your progress, and to provide us with accurate information to help us recommend an effective treatment for your cat.

Saying Goodbye: Euthanasia and Your Cat
Helpful information when that sad time comes.

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