Catnip Suites

Our boarding facility is located within our veterinary clinic.

All boarders must be examined in advance by one of our veterinarians, enabling us to provide the best medical supervision while boarding.

All boarding cats receive a pre-boarding check by our assistants to assure there are no fleas or obvious signs of illness. If your cat arrives with evidence of fleas, he/she will receive a flea preventative, which will last 3-4 weeks. This will prevent fleas from coming into our facility, or going home with one of our boarders. Be sure to indicate on your boarding check-in form if you have recently applied any flea product.

Boarders get two cubicles that measure 30” high, 28” wide and 26” deep each. One side gets a full sized litter box, the opposite side has room for a bed and food. There is also a shelf to climb, play, and lay on. We can provide all bedding and food bowls. We also have curtains for those boarders that are shy and need a little more privacy. Multiple cats from the same household, are able to share a 4 cubicle space, if their owners prefer. There is daily cleaning and monitoring by our loving and compassionate veterinary assistants. They take special care of all our boarders and make sure they have everything they can possibly need while staying with us.

We will gladly administer medications if your cat needs them while boarding. Medications should be in their original containers. There is a fee for us to administer medications, please contact us for pricing.

Occasionally cats can manifest an illness while boarding. If this happens, a staff veterinarian will examine your cat and contact you and/or your emergency contact with our recommendations. If we are unable to reach you, we will hospitalize your cat and take appropriate and reasonable treatment. You would be responsible for the cost of those services.

You can fill out the boarding form online: Boarding Agreement Form

If your cat requires medications, please fill out the: Boarding Medication Form

Cat Boarding


$35.00 per Night

*Additional charges apply if we feed from clinic stock and/or your kitty requires medication to be administered.

For immediate assistance call 253-874-2012