Health Care Programs

The Well Kitten Package

Five Cute Kittens

Every new cat or kitten needs to get off to a good start with a complete physical examination, proper vaccinations against infectious diseases, deworming, and nutritional & behavioral consultation with its owners.

The Well-Kitten Package provides: 

  • Office visits and examination fees associated with initial vaccinations
  • In-house testing for both Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Parasite screening for intestinal worms, fleas, and ear mites. (Does not include DTM testing for ringworm)
  • Deworming (as needed) at each visit
  • One monthly spot-on flea treatment
  • Complete series of FVRCP (upper respiratory viruses) and Rabies vaccinations
  • Ear cleaning, nail trims, and basic grooming as needed
  • 10% discount on future spay/neuter surgery when scheduled at final well-kitten visit.

The Well Kitten Package costs $420.00 and must be paid in full at time of first visit.  
If purchased separately, these services would cost the pet parent approximately $715 or more depending on the number of visits.  
(Purchasing this package will save around 35%!)

All well kitten visits need to be completed within 3 months of purchase.  Examinations for sick kittens are excluded from pricing.  

*Feline Leukemia vaccinations can be purchased separately if you plan to allow your cat outdoors, it costs $57.75
*Microchip placement is not included in the Well Kitten Package, if desired, it is an additional $69.00
*Pre-Op Bloodwork is required for spays/neuters and is an additional $120.00

Senior Testing

Senior Cat

Cats are stoic animals and can adapt to significant changes in their bodies without giving you any outside signs of impending problems.

Our Senior Testing, recommended annually from age 7 years and above, will screen for medical problems most commonly seen in the senior cat population. If we identify illness at the earliest stages, we may have more opportunity to change the course of the disease and improve your cat's quality of life.

Our Senior Testing includes a complete blood count, a blood chemistry profile, a blood pressure reading, complete urinalysis and in-hospital urine culture (to check for bacterial infection), thyroid hormone level, and retrovirus (FeLV/FIV) testing. 

Community Services

South County CATS

We provide low cost spay/neuter services for South County Cats!

Based in the Maple Valley area in Washington State, South County Cats is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization.

Their mission is to reduce euthanasia rates at our local shelters. They provide spay/neuter assistance, as well as supporting cats that fall outside the scope of many shelters – those often considered “unadoptable.”

To read more about South County Cats, follow this link! -

For immediate assistance call 253-874-2012